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My name is Giulia, I'm 26 years old. I live in a small town in central Italy called Perugia. I am a qualified Italian language teacher to foreigners and an expert in LS and L2 teaching techniques.

I got my master's degree in 2018 in teaching Italian to foreigners, since then I have taught both in Italy and abroad, collaborating also with publishers in the creation of content and teaching materials.

On February 2020 I became a CELI Italian Certification oral examiner.

About me


Is the fourth most studied language in the world: it is synonymous with classical culture, art, music, theater and the made in Italy.

In short, studying italian does not only mean getting closer to the classical disciplines, but above all seeing and understanding the world from a new perspective. 

Every day millions of people are attracted to this language for its harmony, sweetness and musicality.

It's no coincidence that italian is defined
the language of bel canto.

Despite that, for many it may seem a difficult language, but in this blog I will try to show you the opposite, sharing some tips that I hope will help you.