About Italian breakfast and cappucino

Hi everyone, this morning I went to the bar for breakfast and I thought I'd wanted share this moment with you.

In the bar where I have been there are plenty of things to eat to choose from, also the coffee here is really good, it has an intense, almond-like flavor, but it is not very bitter.

We had a cappuccino, a latte macchiato and two "cornetti": one filled with pistacchio cream, the other one with blueberry jam

You should know that some Italians like to eat something sweet for breakfast, while others like to eat something salty. And it is for that reason that at the bar you can find both sweet croissants, filled with cream, chocolate or pistachio cream inside, but also croissants with mozzarella and tomato or ham inside, or pizza: generally “bianca” (whit rosemary) or “al pomodoro” (with tomato).

This is a part of the selection of pastries of the bar where we went

The pizza we eat for breakfast is very different from the one we eat for dinner, it is taller and softer and generally only one slice is eaten (the “slice” is or a very small round pizza or rectangular shaped pizza).

For breakfast we usually drink a cappuccino or a latte macchiato. The difference between these two is that the cappuccino contains a quarter of coffee and three quarters of milk and is characterized by its high-density foam; on the contrary, latte macchiato is served in a very tall glass containing only milk, while a small glass is given separately containing a small quantity of coffee that can be poured into the milk.

Among those who make breakfast at the bar or at home there are also people who only drink a coffee instead of a cappuccino, some of them add also a little bit of milk making a drink called “caffè macchiato”.

However, there is a big difference between coffee and cappuccino: while the first one is drunk by Italians any time during the day, the second one is generally drunk only in the morning.

The reason is very simple, because cappuccino is made using whole milk, essential to make an excellent foam, it is too heavy to take after lunch or in the afternoon, while in the morning it provide the right amount of energy take all the challenges of the day.

On the contrary coffee is much lighter and thanks to the caffeine is perfect to be drunk after lunch or in the afternoon.

In addition there is also another cultural reason that keep us away from cappuccino in the afternoon and is due to the fact that we traditionally associate milk with foods such as biscuits or some desserts that are generally eaten in the morning, while we do not believe it suitable to be associated with main meals such as lunch.

I would like to continue talking about Italian coffee culture and how coffee is prepared, but I will talk about it soon in another article.

A presto!

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