Italian Gestures! Part 1

Ciao a tutti!

This post will be the first of a new series about italian gesture.

As you may know hand gestures are an integral part of being italian, something really characteristic of our culture.

They help us making a concept more intense and make the conversation more fluid,smoother.

While in our videos we have just a little bit exaggerated with the mimic (but not that much,actually), you will find all gestures that are really used in everyday conversation.

Video 1

In this first video, the first gesture is used to express that something is finished or you have run out of something ( ex: food, sugar, time, etc..), the second one is used specifically when referring to "time" (ex: i don't have time today,i am busy)

Video 2

This gesture is used when something is perfect or has been done in a perfect way.

Video 2

This gesture is used when saying that you don't care about something, someone or some specific situation (ex: are you coming to the party? no i don't care about it)

For the people who are asking who are Albano and Romina:

And now let's listen the video again with Italian subtitles!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Hope you enjoyed this post, soon part 2 will be uploaded!

A presto.

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