Italian Gestures! Part 2

Ciao a tutti!

Here we are with the second part of one of the most successful series of the blog!

This time there will be 4 videos, with both Italian and English subtitles so that also people that don't still speak Italian fluently can fully enjoy and learn Italian gestures.

Before we start, i want to express my gratitude again to Jin and Ken, they accepted gladly my unusual request to participate in this project, but in the end i can say that we had so much fun doing these videos.

Video 1

We start with the most iconic italian gesture; it means "what are saying?!/"what are you talking about?!"" or "what are you doing!?", i think 99% of Italians do that gesture when talking.

Then there are gestures used when we want to say that someone is crazy and when we want to express that is cold or hot.

Video 2

The second video, show another iconic gesture, used when we want to say: "eeh, you'd like to know!" when answering to a question, such us what did you do the other day?, where did you where going with that beautiful girl? etc..

The second gesture is used when we want to say that we have run out of something (gesture already used in the first part of his series), while the last one is used when we want to say that we have done something "more or less" or when we have almost finished to do something or finished something like money.

Video 3

This video shows gestures used to express when someone want to invite another person to go to drink something. The second one is used when saying ok, while last one is used when saying to someone that he/she will see him/her later (the classic see you later! catch you up later!).

Video 4

You can't miss our last video, full of gestures and really entertaining!

The first one is used when expressing that something was really boring (so boring that my beard grew very long waiting for its end).

The second one is used when hungry.

Third one used when inviting someone to go to eat some pasta, the gesture evoke the fork rolled to grab our iconic food.

Last one used when saying let's go, or when you want to say someone to go away because you don't want to be with him.

We are done for this lesson, hope you enjoyed this post as much as the first one.

Below you will find the same videos with Italian subtitles.

A presto!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

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