Pronunciation: the letter "H" in italian

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Ciao a tutti!

In this short post we will see how to pronounce a letter of the Italian alphabet, the letter “h” which many people tend to pronounce with the inflection of their own language.

Unlike the English language, this letter is not pronounced aspirated, on the contrary it is not pronounced at all, in fact in Italian the “h” letter is defined as a silent letter.

The “h” letter can be found in the middle of a word or at the beginning, for example:

ho, ha, hanno


pesche, chiesa

In the first case the letter, as I said before, is not pronounced, therefore the only thing to do is to pronounce the vowel directly; when it is inside the words, it changes the sound of the letters c and g. In fact, when the “h” is present after one of these letters, the sound of that letters changes from soft to hard.

Here are more examples for a better understanding:

pesce pesche

baci pochi

scena schema

cena schermo

cinema chiesa

lacci scacchi

sciarpa schiavo

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