Sunset at Lake Trasimeno

Ciao a tutti!

Last weekend I went to take some pictures at the sunset. As location, I decided to go to Lake Trasimeno.

Located in Umbria region, on the border with Toscana, it’s the 4th biggest lake in Italy and the largest in central Italy.

Fisherman going back to the boat storage

As you can see the sunset is really amazing, but it’s not all about the sunset.

Lake Trasimeno area is a true natural paradise, home to many fish and animal species, surrounded by gentle hills, medieval small villages, olive oil trees and vineyards.

In many villages there are beautiful castles such as the one in Castiglione del Lago (lakeside castle); another village is called Città della Pieve, famous for being the birthplace of a well know artist of the 15th century called “il Perugino”; this town is home to several of the artist’s artwork, including his "Madonna with Child" kept in the cathedral of “St. Gervasio e Protasio” and his magnificent fresco of the “Adoration of the Wise Men” located in “Palazzo della Corgna”.

There are two more frescoes also in another village called Panicale.

Last but not least there is “Magione” a village dominated by the outstanding castle of the Knights of Malta.

Adoration of the wise men

On the hill one of the many ancient village around the lake

In the area there also many beautiful museums, and exhibitions such as the one in "Tuoro sul Trasimeno" related to the famous battle of the lake Trasimeno between Roman Empire troops and Carthaginian troops led by general Annibale.

Like I previously said, lake Trasimeno is the 4th for extension in Italy,so big that there are 3 islands too: the largest one Is called “Isola Polvese”, location of a monastery and a castle.

The second one is called “Isola Maggiore” where still a small of group of fisherman reside.

There are many more things to do in lake Trasimeno area, from hiking and bicycle trails to golf course (and, of course, a ferryboat tour to the isles too!), you will spend great time for sure.

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