Italian Truffles!


Today I have received from a family friend those beautiful things:

Yes truffles!

I love the fact that here where I live, if someone come to your house just to exchange few words or for dinner, always bring something to eat or to drink such as truffles, mushrooms, wines, some vegetables from the garden or a dessert or gelato.

It is it the same in your country or the place where you live? if yes comment below!

You should know that the origin of the name Tartufo is from the latin word "Terrae tufer" (ground tuber) and there are many different kinds: Esitvo, uncinato, nero pregiato, bianco pregiato, bianchetto and so on; the pregiato’s are the most savoury and expensive ones.

It is not that easy to find truffles since you have to know the places in the woods where their growth is more favorable.

A well-trained dog is also essential (and mandatory for the Italian law); in fact you need not only to choose one of the breed adapt to this job, but you need also to train the dog to spot where truffles are without eating them.

It is also important to close carefully the hole in order to make the spore possible to spread and make the truffle growth possible again (note: truffles are subterranean fungi).

So today I decided to prepare some pasta using the truffles i have received; it is really simple, you just have to put on a frypan olive oil, garlic and anchovy, heat up the olive oil and let the anchovy get dissolved in it and then remove the garlic.

When pasta is cooked al dente, drain it, put in the frypan and shave some truffles all over and mix it.

After doing that put the pasta in a plate and shave more truffles on the top for a more delicious and artistic result, buon appetito!

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